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Unleash the true power of YQL

What is YQL

It is a SQL like language created by Yahoo that harvests the information from the Net like how you interface the relational database. Underneath the hood, someone has done the job to bind the data sources and expose it as open table. As many has shared their works, more open tables are created for your usage. Apart from solving integration headaches, its async processing plus parallelism provides you a highly performed data hub. With the nice abstraction provided by YQL, we now can easily and quickly tap into the data from various sources for our app.

Taste the power of YQL

There are tons of information in the Net that tells people how to use the YQL. So, I don’t plan to repeat it here. If you are interested in learning it, you can read the YQL guide here. If you are impatient like me, you may want to see it in action first before diving in. Below is a great presentation from Nagesh Susarla.