• Power of Guava

    Google has released a powerful data collection library that complements what is missing in Java core. This article will talk about the some of the popular ones like multimap, multiset and bitmap with examples included

  • Chi-squared Test of Independence

    Two random variables x and y are called independent if the probability distribution of one variable is not affected by the presence of another.

  • The Powerful Data Structure – Trie

    Tries are a kind of tree where the path from the root to a given node encodes some earlier information. A nice use for tries is to store dictionaries in a relatively efficient way.

  • Ad Network vs Ad Exchange

    The video from OpenX gives you a good comparison between ad network and ad exchange.

  • Big Data Not So Cheap?

    I come across a video from Pete Warden. It is really fascinating!! A powerful message from his talk I like so much is “You can employ 100 servers from Amazon for 1 hour in $10 bucks”.

  • Unleash the true power of YQL

    YQL is a SQL like language created by Yahoo that harvests the information from the Net like how you interface the relational database. Underneath the hood, someone has done the job to bind the data sources and expose it as open table.

  • Design Robust Restful API

    This article is to summarize some key design decisions related to exposing some in-house services through REST API to the public. It involves url path design based on “resource oriented model”, version control, authentication and authorization and asynchronous call handling.